The 2017 Working Conference of APJBG held in LIBO Medicine

On July 26th 2017, The 2017 Working Conference of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Blood and Genes (APJGB) was held at Jiangsu LIBO Medicine Biotechnology Co., Ltd (LIBO Medicine). The honorary editor-in-chief Jiongcai Lan, editor-in-chief Daowang Fan, deputy editor-in-chiefs Siegfried Janz, Jiwu Gong, Zhongjun Li, Baohua Qian, Zhenqing Feng, Yuping Chen and editorial department director Xianxin Tang all attended the working conference. Dr. Gisela Förster who come from Germany was also invited to attend the working conference

Under the direction of deputy editor-in-chief Prof. Baohua Qian, the conference was conducted in the following order. First of all, deputy editor-in-chief Prof. Zhenqing Feng made the APJBG working report for the first half this year and put forward working measures and suggestions for the second half of this year. Subsequently, the attendees discussed how to promote the submission of manuscripts, improve the quality of manuscripts and perfect the APJBG webpage etc. In the second part of the conference, deputy editor-in-chief Mr. Yuping Chen made the working report for research. He talked about rare blood type research of national minorities in China, the establishment of the United Reference Laboratory for Blood Group Gene Detection, and ongoing research cooperation projects. Then, the attendees discussed and put forward some innovative research ideas and topics in the field of transfusion medicine.

Finally, the editor-in-chief Prof. Daowang Fan gave concluding remarks for the working conference. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the attendees and said that our hospitals could share some meaningful research ideas and do some joint projects through the APJBG platform. He expressed his belief that the difficulties from the early days can be overcome and APJBG will be successful in the future with the support and cooperation of all members of the editorial board.